In 2017, we could held 5 of exhibitions such as Sendai, Kumamoto, Nagoya, Atami, and Tokyo.

those exhibitions could sold 38pictures and we could sent ¥1,300,000 to them parents!

Thank you for visiting and buying the arts.

We’re really appreciate that.

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Next DAC exhibition’s 「DAC SAPPORO」 info

Date : July 19th to 22nd

Time : 10am to 8pm


Address : 1-1-1 Sapporo Shante 2F Minami-ichijo-nishi Chuou-ku

Sapporo-city Hokkaido Japan

We painted with Seiko Noda Minister for public management at an institution called [ Rehabili-Lamd ] in Gifu city.

This DAC’s activity obtained her approval!!

November 24th 2017,

DAC was taken up on Gifu Newspaper